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Fundamentals of our brand

We bring to market patented solutions that offer a different way to tackle some of the key services in a salon, as well as effective desirable products for use by the consumer at home.

All our products are proudly made in the UK ensuring you get the Best of British.

Professor David Lewis is world renowned for his research in colouration technology that stretches widely across wool dyeing techniques and the use of colour to prevent fraud on bank notes! As well as hair, of course.

When David focussed on hair colour he was very surprised to identify that the vast majority of hair colour products work using technology that is many years old and felt it was time for a kinder – safer – flexible approach while remaining effective or being even better.

Extensive research and development are used to create all our current products and all the others that will follow. By ensuring that we patent this ground breaking technology, we demonstrate just how seriously we take the business of creating unique and ‘problem solving’ products for the marketplace.

The science behind Re-Kolour is a great example of our approach and is what makes what we do so unique

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The vast majority of hair colour removers work by shattering the colour molecule in the hair which masks it but does not remove it. Re-Kolour works by turning the colour molecule both colourless and water soluble, enabling it to be actually removed from the hair without using the harsh harmful chemicals that can be seen elsewhere.

The science behind Triple Impact is based on the principle of the Holly Leaf

Our patented product is a unique solution, that adds volume, increases shine, whilst significantly reducing blow drying … a combination that can only be found in Triple Impact.

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Products available today

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Re-Kolour Products

Hair Colour Remover

(Salon only, contact us for pricing)

Patented, scientific formula which allows the removal of the artificial colour, without affecting the natural pigment or compromising the condition of the hair.

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Triple Impact Product Family

Pre-shampoo treatment

£30.00 per bottle

Patented formula which gives amazing shine when used regularly, whilst significantly reducing drying time. Specifically tailored for individual hair types.

Hair Colour Brightener

(Salon only, contact us for pricing)

A hair colour system that will lift, brighten and cleanse hair. Will lift up to 1 level and cleanse colour build up. Will brighten highlights and can be used in colour removal processes to reveal areas of concern on the hair.