Re-Kolour – where did it all begin?

What links wool and hair colour removal? Not obvious to you and I but to Professor David Lewis it was clear!

The ProfProfessor Lewis has spent years working in the field of colour, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing is probably a fair assessment. From the dying of wool to the dye used in bank notes David has been involved in it all.

Understanding the science behind colour is more than a job it’s been a passion for more years than he cares to talk about and about 10 years ago he decided to turn that passion to the hair industry. Hard to believe that the techniques we’re using in salons now to remove colour are the same techniques we’ve all been using for the past 30 years with little improvement in the technology. Added to that the fact that the creation of formaldehyde from colour removal products is now not allowed in products and well, maybe David’s decision to look at the world of colour removal in salons was spot on!

Fast forward 10 years and Re-Kolour has been developed to remove artificial colourants without affecting the natural hair. Nothing is plain sailing and years have been spent on the formula, results, tests and discussions with the Lab team but finally we have the final product ready for salons to use and it’s a winner!

Our pre-launch has seen some key UK salons use the product with amazing results – it speaks volumes when you’re being asked for more samples to test because they can’t live without the product before the official launch!

For Professor Lewis this is the time to watch his theory developed years ago become a reality while he continues work on the next game changer … watch this space!