Re-Fresh Product Family

Patented hair colour Brightener

A hair colour system that will lift, brighten and cleanse hair. Will lift up to 1 level and cleanse colour build up. Will brighten highlights and can be used in colour removal processes to reveal areas of concern on the hair.



How it Works

Re-Fresh is a vital professional product for all colourists. A combination of a patented developer and a powder, Re-Fresh will remove artificial colour from the hair up to 1 level. It will gently cleanse a build-up of colour, remove dullness from highlights and reveal old colour when carrying out colour correction processes.

Re-Fresh Developer

Re-Fresh cleans fashion and basic tones. The Patented developer maintains the condition of the hair adding shine and protecting against damage.

Re-Fresh Powder Sachets

Re-Fresh cleans old highlights, brightening them without affecting the natural colour. The Re-Fresh Powder opens the cuticles and can lighten the hair up to 1 level. Will remove mineral and chlorine build up.

Re-Fresh Essential Buffer

Re-Fresh reduces the build up of toners. Essential buffer removes all of the active Re-Fresh ingredients and will rebalance the hair fully and close the cuticles.

Re-Fresh will lift out heaviness and colour build up. Contains no bleach, no ammonia, no hydrogen peroxide and no formaldehyde.

Re-Fresh Hair Colour Brightener

Re-Fresh reveals previous condition and colours and acts as the first stage in colour correction. So safe it can be used time and time again, without compromising the hair's condition. Each use releases a little more colour and adds shine.

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Re-Fresh is simple to use – follow the step by step instructions below for best results.

1:  Measure 100ml of Developer and pour into a bowl

2:  Add 1 sachet of the Powder to the Developer and mix

3:  Apply the Re-Fresh evenly to either dry or towel dried hair

4:  Leave to develop for up to 15 mins

5:  Rinse the Re-Fresh from the hair

6:  Generously apply the Essential Buffer to the hair and massage throughout the lengths and ends, leave on for 5 mins

7:  Rinse the hair

8:  Apply the Essential Buffer to the hair for a second time, massage and leave on hair for at least 5 mins to ensure that the Re-Fresh has been completely removed

9:  Rinse the hair thoroughly

The Re-Fresh process is now complete and the hair is ready to shampoo for styling or further colour processes.