Re-Fresh Product Family

Patented hair colour Brightener

A hair colour system that will lift, brighten and cleanse hair. Will lift up to 1 level and cleanse colour build up. Will brighten highlights and can be used in colour removal processes to reveal areas of concern on the hair.



How it Works

Re-Fresh is a vital professional product for all colourists. A combination of a patented developer and a vitamin C based powder, Re-Fresh will remove artificial colour from the hair up to 1 level. It will gently cleanse a build-up of colour, remove dullness from highlights and reveal old colour when carrying out colour correction processes.


Patented developer maintains the condition of the hair adding shine and protecting against damage.

Re-Fresh Developer


Powder opens the cuticles and can lighten the hair up to 1 level. Will remove mineral and chlorine build up on the hair. Will brighten blonde hair/highlights and restore the colour clarity to all artificial colours.

Re-Fresh Powder Sachets

Essential Buffer

Removes all of the active Re-Fresh ingredients and will rebalance the hair fully and close the cuticles.

Re-Fresh Essential Buffer

Available as an in-salon service

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Our step-by-step guide to using Re-Fresh


Re-Fresh is simple to use – follow the step by step instructions below for best results.

1:  Measure 100ml of Developer and pour into a bowl

2:  Add 1 sachet of the Powder to the Developer and mix

3:  Apply the Re-Fresh evenly to either dry or towel dried hair

4:  Leave to develop for up to 15 mins

5:  Rinse the Re-Fresh from the hair

6:  Apply the Essential Buffer to the hair and massage throughout the lengths and ends

7:  Rinse the hair

8:  Apply the Essential Buffer to the hair for a second time, massage and leave on hair for at least 5 mins to ensure that the Re-Fresh has been completely removed

9:  Rinse the hair thoroughly

The Re-Fresh process is now complete and the hair is ready to shampoo for styling or further colour processes.