Retail Pen

iQ+Brow Pen allows you to apply the product to the brows with ease.  The permanent dye will colour the brow hairs with just a twist of the pen!  Our patented formula provides permanent colour without the need for peroxide, PPDs or ammonia.

Simple to use, twist the base of the pen (you will need to twist the pen many times when you use it for the first time to ensure the product travels up to the brush!) the product will appear on the brush and you apply generously to the brows.  Don’t be afraid to apply plenty of product to get that beautiful brow look!

Develop from 10 – 25 minutes depending on the depth of colour you want, wipe the product off and that’s it!  Simple!

3 shades to give different depths – check out the ‘How to Use’ video below to get the perfect application techniques or download the leaflet below and enjoy using iQ+Brow!

PeRA Beauty_iQ+Brow Leaflet Consumer

Professional Range

Professional range of brow tints which will permanently dye the brow hairs and produce longer lasting skin staining when required.

Available in 3 shades for bold, beautiful brows!

This range is for the professionals to create beautiful, long lasting brows.  The product can be used before or after shaping the brows and can be re-applied if you want more depth of colour.

It is the most flexible permanent brow tint on the market.

With no need to mix with oxidant or any developer at all you can just pour it into a small dish from the bottle and apply to the brows.

Develop from 10 – 25 mins depending on depth of colour required and wipe off to reveal perfect brows!  The Re-Move product is also a key part of the process to clean up around the brow and remove any product that you don’t want.

For more information, download the leaflet below:

PeRA Beauty_iQ+Brow Leaflet Professional

Re-Move tint remover which should only be used with the iQ+Brow professional range.




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