Impact³ Shine Enhancing Sulphate Free Shampoos and Conditioners

A range of high performance sulphate and paraben free shampoos designed to cleanse, add shine and combat the daily challenges your hair faces working together with the shine boosting conditioners that smooth the surface of the hair resulting in healthy, sleek, glossy hair!


The range works together with Triple Impact³ as the perfect system to build strength, boost shine and repair split ends.





SHINE:   Natural oils add shine to the hair surface giving the hair shine and moisture

CLEANSING:   Hair is cleansed without removing the natural oils

ENVIRONMENT:   Sulphate free formula contains fewer chemicals, kinder to the hair and the environment

SCALP:   Gentle formulas kinder to the scalp reducing irritation and adding moisture




REPAIR: Protein and Keratin protect the cuticles and reduce chemical damage on hair surface

SHINE: Oils and Wheat increase shine and volume

MOISTURE: Protein to maintain elasticity and control moisture on the hair and scalp



+  Anti Pollution: Key ingredients will protect hair against the pollution in the environment reducing damage to the hair surface

+  UV & Heat Protection: Protection ingredients to protect from the UV rays and prevent damage from heated appliances

+  Reduces Colour Fade: Specifically formulated to contain ingredients to reduce colour fade

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+ Triple Oils for Moisture:  Adding moisture without heaviness is the key benefit of this shampoo

+ Softness without Heaviness:  The hair will be soft, manageable and shine but you will still be able to style and work with your hair to create the perfect finished result

In-Built Detangler:  The combination of the oils and smoothing ingredients will ensure the hair is easy to comb through in preparation for next steps

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+ Adds Volume &  Body:  Specific volumising ingredients work on the hair to give  the appearance of volume and body

+ Keratin adds Strength: Keratin ingredients add strength to the hair which will build on the strength enhancing properties from Triple Impact Intensive Treatment

+ Controls Excess Oils: The scalp and hair is cleansed thoroughly without adding more oil or moisture to the hair, this will result in a less greasy scalp and hair

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+ Rich Cream adds moisture without heaviness:  Oils and conditioning ingredients add moisture to the hair to smooth the surface and give shine but won’t over condition or make the hair heavy or unmanageable

+ Proteins:  Formula includes key ingredients to soften the hair and help to repair surface damage from chemicals and daily environment

+ In-built detangler:  Gives additional comb through abilities on hair which has been sensitised or damaged by chemical processes or daily environment

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+ Light milk:  Will moisturise the hair and leave hair silky and smooth

+ Multi Use: Leave in hair for control of frizz or rinse out for a lighter conditioned result to the hair

+ In-built detangler:  Will smooth and control the hair leaving it feeling silky soft for styling

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