A Day in the Life of… A Perachem Scientist

My job here in the Leeds labs of Perachem is as varied as it is enjoyable. From product testing to developing formulations, testing patent claims and even the odd little bit of hair modelling(!), here’s a little glimpse into life where the Magic happens. (Ok, so maybe it’s not Magic… It’s better than that really – it’s Science!)

Younf female scientist working

For the products we have recently launched I spent a lot of time in the lab helping to commercialise the technology behind them, so that the products would appeal to hairdressers and clients alike. In the case of Triple Impact for example, I have tried and tested many different elements in the formula, from conditioning agents to oils to fragrances. One of the great parts about my job is being able to take samples home at the end of the day to try out myself – and I get my family roped in too! A particular favourite of theirs was a fragrance survey I asked them to do, where they had to smell different variations of Triple Impact I had made in the lab and rate their favourites. A night of fun if ever there was one!

I also carry out a lot of stability testing on our formulations and future products. This includes checking the pH, consistency and smell of the product, as well as the amounts of our key active ingredients. From this we can be sure the product will perform just as well in the salon as it does in the lab, and last for up to 2 years after it was produced by us.

My recent work however has been centred on developing our brilliant new range of safe hair dyes, something which we hope to launch next year. This is a super exciting (and at times frustrating!) project which after a few changes in direction, a lot of hard work and countless hours spent dyeing hair samples, is really starting to come together. All I can say for now is, Watch This Space!

Two people matching hair extension colours

Author:  Sarah Lucas, Cosmetic Application Scientist