Background to the brand

I’ve often wondered what it takes to create a brand from nothing and I’m lucky enough now to have first-hand knowledge of it thanks to a couple of friends and a unique idea!

Re-Kolour Products

Many years ago – OK, 23 years ago to be precise – I met 2 people at work. We all worked for one of the largest hairdressing manufacturers in different roles. Who could have predicted that all these years later we would be asked to set up a British Hairdressing brand planning to snap at the heels of the big boys!

Over the years whilst some of us were in different jobs, there was a core team of scientists and believers that knew they had something special in Re-Kolour, Triple Impact and other products (spoiler alert – can’t tell too much yet I’m afraid!) but didn’t know how to get the product produced and marketed for launch to the professional salon market.

Finally, they found a way – Nick Wood was asked if he would be willing to make it real and he jumped at the chance and asked myself and Corinne if we were up for the challenge too! Madness but of course we were! Take on the big boys with a brand new patented product – think that sounds like fun!

So that’s what we’ve done – from nothing the PeRA|357 brand has been created. Proud to be British with products being manufactured in the North of England the desire to ‘make science sexy’ is turning into a reality! Launching the brand at Salon International this year & then looking at global markets in 2017 it really does show that sometimes the people you meet a long time ago can be the people you create magic with later!