Perachem started in 2005 with a dream of producing kinder products for the hair

A Kinder Approach

Between 2005 and 2015 Professor Lewis and his team spent time working in the research lab and with some of the leading hair companies to develop new technology to bring to the professional salon market.

Following extensive Research & Development by our chief scientist, Professor David Lewis, the science team have worked closely with hairdressers and have created a range of revolutionary products in the hair care category. Multiple patents are in place to protect this technology.

David was Head of Colour Chemistry at Leeds University for more than 20 years, and is renowned for his colour expertise worldwide; having innovated with infrared absorbing pigments for high security printing and colourfast dyes for wool and cotton.

As part of his research David turned his attention to the hair colouring sector, and was surprised that the formulas on the market had hardly moved forward over the last 60 years. He felt a new, less aggressive approach to Colour was required, and after exhaustive R&D was able to produce something completely different.

With this patented formula in place, the next step was to build a brand to bring these ground-breaking products to life. It also became clear that the constant use of traditional chemical products by hairdressers was causing detrimental health and well being effects on them. Perachem wants to prvide a safer, kinder alternative. A fresh company with an ethos for kinder – safer – flexible products for the professional haircare market was needed.

Perachem is the parent company of the professional salon brand PeRA|357.