Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Pera357 products tested on animals?+

We do not test any of our products or our ingredients on animals anywhere in the world. Nor do we delegate this task to others.

Do your products contain formaldehyde?+

No, none of our products contain formaldehyde or any ingredients that can turn to formaldehyde during use.

How can I find out what ingredients are in your products?+

The European Community has required the cosmetics industry to write all ingredients on each product for greater transparency. The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) aims to harmonize labelling on a European level. Ingredients are listed on product packaging by their INCI name so they appear standardised across European countries.

How long does Re-Kolour take to lift colour from the hair?+

Re-Kolour can take anywhere from 10 – 60 minutes to remove colour from the hair depending on the condition of the hair and the amount of removal required.  The hair should be checked frequently during the process to ensure that it is removed at the right time for the desired result.

Are there any products that Re-Kolour won’t remove?+

Re-Kolour will remove all standard permanent or semi-permanent colours.  The results can vary depending on the condition of the hair and how many times the colour being removed has been applied to the hair.  Re-Kolour will remove up to 99% of the colour from the hair without the natural hair being altered in any way.

Why does Re-Kolour appear to darken when I wash the product off the hair?+

When the hair is exposed to oxygen it will darken slightly (half a shade) this is perfectly normal during the colour removal process and should be accounted for when lifting the colour from the hair.

Can I apply a colour to the hair immediately after using Re-Kolour?+

Yes, you can apply colour immediately after the Re-Kolour has been washed off the hair.

What would happen if I used Triple Impact more frequently than recommended?+

As Triple Impact has been developed to remove excess moisture from the hair which is how the key benefit of faster drying time is obtained you could find that overuse may remove too much moisture from the hair which can leave it feeling dry.  Simply stop using Triple Impact for a few days and then begin the programme again sticking to the recommended directions for use.

My Triple Impact appears to have separated in the bottle and appears to look slightly layered is there any issue with the product?+

This is perfectly normal.  Due to the patented ingredients in the product it can settle and appear to separate into layers.  Simply shake the product well before use and it will re-mix and perform as expected.

Where can I find a Salon that stocks your products?+

For stockists please call
0330 088 5650

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