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Bringing game changing technology to life, PeRA|357 was launched in October 2016 and is already being stocked in key UK salons.

For more than 10 years the team of Scientists in the PeRA|357 Lab in Leeds have worked to create revolutionary new products that respect the condition of the hair, the needs of the Client and the health of the hairdresser.  Industry expert Nick Wood has created a wider team of experts to bring this brand to life and to bring the passion that underpins PeRA|357 to the forefront of the hairdressing industry.  Game changing technology in colour, treatments and colour removal offer the opportunity of safe, flexible chemical services to professional Salons.

Colour Removal:  Traditional colour removal products are reliant on either an oxidative process (bleach/strippers) or a reduction process which creates formaldehyde – bad for the hair and the stylist carrying out the process.  Re-Kolour uses a brand new patented system to remove the artificial colour molecule from the hair.  Turning the colour molecule to a water soluble version, it is then drawn out of the hair without any impact to the natural hair colour.

Colour Brightening/Cleansing:  Re-Fresh will remove artificial colour from the hair up to 1 level.  It will gently cleanse a build-up of colour, remove dullness from highlights and reveal old colour when carrying out colour correction processes.  It also removes and neutralises chlorine and chlorine smells from swimming pool use and removes the buildup of metal ions that interfere with dyeing/lightening services.

Treatment: Triple Impact combines patented technology and the best of nature to give the hair shine, volume and reduced drying time.  Continued use will increase the benefits and ensure that the hair appears smooth, has maximum protection against the elements and is soft without being heavy.

Sulphate Free Shampoos and Conditioners: Impact³ Performance range of Sulphate Free Shampoos and Conditioners which give shine, volume and moisture to the hair.  The range will control excess oil, reduce colour fade, add strength and leave the hair soft and shiny without heaviness.

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Re-Kolour Product Family

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Products available today

Re-Kolour Logo
Re-Kolour Products

Hair Colour Remover

(Salon only, contact us for pricing)

Patented, scientific formula which allows the removal of the artificial colour, without affecting the natural pigment or compromising the condition of the hair.

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Triple Impact Product Family

Pre-shampoo treatment

£30.00 per bottle

Patented formula which gives amazing shine when used regularly, whilst significantly reducing drying time. Specifically tailored for individual hair types.

Hair Colour Brightener

(Salon only, contact us for pricing)

A hair colour system that will lift, brighten and cleanse hair. Will lift up to 1 level and cleanse colour build up. Will brighten highlights and can be used in colour removal processes to reveal areas of concern on the hair.

Sulphate Free Shampoos and Conditioners

£8 - £17

A range of Sulphate Free Shampoos and Moisturising Conditioners for all hair types.

Permanent brow tint


Permanent colour for creating beautiful long lasting brows. 3 shades available